I Blog.. therefore I Am....

Hello World!
I still blog......who'd have thunk it? Not me, definitely. I think I have lost the touch to write because things happening in my life have shattered the rose colored glass I used to see my world in. You see, to me writing requires putting beautiful words to describe the most mundane of things so that the target audience, i.e. you the reader, would become so interested in these mundane things that you actually believe they will make your life better just by reading it. I've lost that ability, you see. To put rose colored glass over a thrash can, or a half-drowned stray kitten, or plain ol' dog poop. I cannot be that boyfriend Phoebe used to date who sees happiness in everything, even Chandler's dry sense of humour. I have aged a little more and I have wisened up a little better. You could say that I floated up to the sky and then an arrow of reality shot through my balloon and down I went splat! on car windscreen. I can no longer imagine things. I only see what's real. I do not understand Closer but I can relate to Crash. For Closer is just a romantic's idea of life, no matter how realistic the writer slash director slash producer portrays it to be. Again, I am rambling..........again. At least, I dare to say Hey! I blog! For now.....

The Feline Rises from the Ashes

.......after a few years of napping. Another year is coming and I am spent on ideas for this long forgotten blog. All I can come up with is a wish list....ahem! If any of my "regular readers" still even have the curiosity to visit this page, you have been warned (as if anyone is gonna grant the list). Doesn't harm to dream, no?

In no particular order:
1. E71 or its younger edition
2. Digital Camera - I don't need a complicated one. No DSLR for me, just one with a minimum of 8 MP, and slim fit so that I can carry it in my bag everywhere
3. Portable hardisk - see my facebook status!
4. MP4 player - just thot up of a use for it this coming Ramadhan
5. Netbook - gonna be doing some travelling soon, so need a lighter version of my notebook
6. Targus netbook bag - for the netbook to travel in
7. A wireless broadband account - again, for the travelling
8. Blouses/pants - ones that are wrinkle free and easy to pack
9. Samsonite bag - travel theme again!
10. Cute cupcakes - been having this craving lately for cute gumpaste cupcakes. Especially from here.....

The kitty is out of the building!

Pencinta Kucing....

...belum cukup kewl selagi belum kenal Maru hokeh?

In other news, let me congratulate my nephew Aiman and my niece Shasha for their outstanding performance in the UPSR. We knew you two could do it! Expect more big exams to come and look them in the eyes and tell them "Hey You! You can never influence my future. I will succeed regardless.....!" So hapa Mushu kena belanja nih? Mercun KLCC voley?

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